What to do in quarantine Times?

In quarantine times gyms, parks and mountains are closed, many people are resorting to physical training at home to maintain good fitness. The workouts are also healthy activities for the mind and helps fight anxiety during this period and keep the body prepared to return to the Mountains . But you need to be careful not to get injured and make your training more profitable.

                                     Training is good for the body and helps fight anxiety

Here are some tips for training at home:
1 - Appropriate clothing
As in the gym, it is important to wear light clothing that does not hinder any movement. At home, you can even train in your pajamas or in that shabby outfit, but be sure to wear good shoes. The shoes appropriate for physical activities soften the impact on the joints, especially in workouts where you need to jump and flex your knee. This way, you avoid injuries and discomfort during and after exercise.
2 - Take it easy
If you took that short break during the beginning of the quarantine, you may have already lost the conditioning you had before. Therefore, when returning to activities, do not overdo as it may feel frustrated and you think that training at home is not good.
3 - Avoid interruptions
Anyone working in the Home or Office knows that there are many distractions going on all the time. So, before you start training, prepare the environment, if necessary, take the children, cats and dogs out of the room. As much as you love their company, you will have other moments to interact. Or, if it is easier, lock yourself in the room and put the “do not disturb” sign on the door. Don't forget to put the phone on the mute too. Thus, your training will yield more!
4 - Water
Hydrating is important, separate a bottle of water from the beginning to not to stop in the middle of the activity to go to the kitchen to have a glass of water. During the hot days, it is even more important and can be accompanied by a washcloth to dry your sweating. Just like we do in the gym during normal days.
5 - Find a professional
To know what is the ideal physical activity for you at that moment, there is nothing better than asking for guidance from a Physical Education professional. Even at home it is important to do the exercises correctly and with an adequate training routine. So, seek the help of a professional to set up your training. Right now, there are several people in the field working online with their students. For sure, you will find one that you like on your social networks or by asking your friends.
6 - Heating is important
I know it's too lazy to warm up at the gym. And at home it can be even worse. But it is important to warm up to prepare your body for exercise. When you warm up, you lubricate your joints, make your muscles more oxygenated, with greater blood flow and gradually increase your heart rate, avoiding stress on your cardiovascular system. Cutting off the warm-up to do a quicker workout is not always that beneficial.
7 - Breathe properly
An important part of the exercise is breathing correctly. Don't forget to breathe, so training becomes easier and performance is better. If you are unsure how to inhale and exhale, ask your trainer for help, he will be able to give you tips for your training.
8 - Stretch
Even after you've completed all of your training, it's still not the end. It is necessary to stretch mainly to avoid muscle pain and injuries. But stretching also works on flexibility, better body alignment and causes a feeling of well-being and relaxation. So, at the end of your training, have an extra moment of affection with yourself and your body and stretch.

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